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Transforming Outdoor Spaces Since 1996. From residential to commercial projects across North Jersey, we specialize in landscape design, construction, hardscaping, concrete work, home improvement, and snow and ice management.

Our dedicated team prioritizes customer satisfaction, forging enduring relationships and delivering exceptional results. Let us bring your outdoor vision to life.

Our Team

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Hernan Lovato

Board / CEO

Better known as Vinny, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the landscaping industry. His meteoric rise from starting as a landscaping assistant at "Double G" to owning the company within just two years is a testament to his dedication and strategic vision. By restructuring the company as Angels Landscape and introducing construction services, Vinny showcased his ability to innovate and meet the changing needs of the market. The subsequent acquisition of Suburban Sidewalks and the diversification of services to include the concrete division are further examples of his skill in expanding and strengthening his business.

With a solid background in accounting and administration, Vinny has applied sound financial principles in his business management. Beyond his professional achievements, Vinny embodies the wisdom of spirituality-based thinking, displaying an exceptional ability to connect with people through his simplicity and profound reflections. His patience and commitment to personal development are standout traits that have contributed not only to his business success but also to the growth and inspiration of those around him.

Jhonny Carballo

Board / COO

With over two decades of experience in landscape construction, the Angels Contractors team stands out for its solid mastery in decision-making and leadership skills, backed by a deep understanding of the industry and a people-centered approach. Their leader, recognized for his tireless dedication and integrity, brings a valuable combination of experience, patience, and teaching ability, which has been fundamental in the company's continuous growth and success.

Their commitment to excellence and human interaction is reflected in every project, positioning Angels Contractors as a reference in the landscape construction industry.

Sotero Degabriel

Board / Salesman

With twenty years of experience in landscaping, interior remodeling, planting, and construction, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My career has been defined by a commitment to honesty, humility, and approachability, qualities that have fostered trust and rapport with clients and colleagues alike.

I excel in providing accurate construction estimates, maintaining meticulous project tracking, and ensuring compliance with regulations, all of which contribute to the smooth and successful execution of projects within my company.

Luis Garcia

Board / Salesman

With fifteen years of experience in landscaping, snow removal, planting, and construction, I possess a deep understanding of every aspect of the business. My focus lies in customer service and goal achievement, resulting in strong, enduring client relationships and successful project delivery.

My ability to innovate and develop creative services has been a standout asset at every stage of my career, bringing significant value to my company's operations and enabling the continuous expansion and enhancement of our services.

Antonio Degabriel

Board / Landscape Manager

With 18 years of experience in landscaping, including activities such as pruning, mulching, and sod planting, with 4 years specifically dedicated to sod planting, my professional focus is on helping people transform their outdoor spaces into true natural paradises.

I possess deep knowledge in my field, from meticulous planning to flawless execution of landscaping projects. My skills extend beyond landscaping techniques, as I am adept at handling specialized machinery, efficiently organizing tasks, and tackling new challenges with determination.

My passion for listening and implementing my clients' ideas allows me to deliver results that exceed their expectations.

Gustavo Vizcaino

Planning Manager

With 5 years of experience in concrete construction, snow planning, and office tasks, this professional demonstrates exceptional skills in organization, customer service, staff motivation, and relationship management.

With a preference for teamwork, they excel in organization, graphic design, as well as in generating new ideas and applying technology to innovate in the field.

Their focus on collaboration and financial support enables them to stand out in implementing creative and effective solutions in their work

Rodica Balan


With over two decades of experience spanning various sectors, Rodica embodies a rare blend of expertise and character traits that set her apart in the industry. Her extensive background includes 20 years in remodeling, 7 years in construction, 3 years in planting, and 2 years in landscaping. Equipped with a robust set of soft skills such as problem-solving, team building, adaptability, and leadership qualities, Rodica excels in fostering cross-functional team collaboration and navigating complex projects with ease.

Her hard skills, including market research, budgeting, and database management, empower her to drive strategic planning and sales initiatives effectively.

Fluent in multiple languages and possessing in-depth product knowledge of market trends in renovations, Rodica is proficient at project coordination, conflict mediation and account management.

Francisco Garcia

Construction Manager

With 13 years of experience in concrete and hardscape construction, 14 years in landscaping, and 5 years in home improvements, I bring a wealth of expertise to any project.

My skills include problem-solving, attention to detail, and comprehensive knowledge across various construction fields such as plumbing, framing, painting, blueprint reading, among others. I thrive in diverse work environments, tackling any task with enthusiasm and proficiency while adeptly handling most construction equipment.

Described as optimistic, self-assured, responsible, punctual, and detail-oriented, I am dedicated to sharing my construction knowledge with colleagues, fostering optimism, supporting the company's goals, and enhancing productivity through my experiences and cost management insights. My commitment extends to continually seeking improvement and contributing innovative ideas to drive company success.

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