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There are tons of reasons homeowners try to tackle home renovation and remodel jobs themselves — but probably the most common one is cost. Professional contractors are pricey — and often, it’s paying for their time and services that comprises most of the cost of a project.

It’s an exciting time – after all, you’re enhancing the value of your home. But it can also be a challenging time, especially if you go into it without a plan.

Is it safe to DIY?

Whether it’s balancing on a roof, installing a fuse box or manipulating a 250-pound garage door, certain home renovations pose the risk of physical danger.

Before undertaking any DIY project, always ask yourself: 

Could I get injured or killed doing this? If the answer is yes — or even maybe — then hiring a professional is not only the better option, but the only option. Saving a buck on DIY house repair isn’t worth your wellbeing.

When to hire a professional contractor?

  • The job requires a permit from your municipality
  • It needs specialized tools or equipment costing over $100
  • Local laws or your homeowners’ association require a professional
  • You would be working with potentially dangerous substances: electricity, gas or other hazardous materials
  • A mistake would make your home unlivable
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